Paul Tinelli thinks he’s going crazy, and everybody else thinks so, too. Paul’s been visited by an angel who told him to deliver a simple message. But nothing is simple when angels are involved. When his messenger mission turns him into a key defense witness in a murder trial, the only one who can save an innocent man from a death sentence, the prosecutor and the police decide to put angels on trial to discredit his testimony. So if you think you’ve seen an angel, does that mean you’re crazy?

Suspenseful and sometimes hilariously comic, The Angel’s Messenger explores how angels are portrayed in American society, popular culture and the Holy Bible, while spinning an inspirational story sure to entertain anyone who has ever thought for a moment about angels.

F. L. Musante, Jr. is a writer living in Connecticut.

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It isn’t preachy, as some Christian fiction can be. It isn’t a romance novel, although it has a romance in it. It isn’t a thriller, although it is suspenseful. It’s not a social commentary, although it has something to say. It won’t tell you how to live, because it is intended as entertainment.

I wrote ‘The Angel’s Messenger’ after someone at church said they wished they could be visited by an angel, to which I replied that in the Bible it was always a big headache to be visited by an angel. It always meant that the person was being sent on a mission for God that would completely disrupt his or her life. The senior pastor, who overheard this, grinned and said he understood what I meant. Reflecting on that conversation later, this story suddenly jumped into my head. What if an ordinary person, someone anyone could identify with, were visited by an angel today and sent on a mission? What if it turned into a matter of life and death? Do people today, even religious people, really believe in angels? Wouldn’t most people just think a person is crazy if he says he has seen an angel? And if a real angel appeared today, how would it be different from the angels depicted in movies and television shows? The first draft of ‘The Angel’s Messenger’ came tumbling out of me in about two months. It went untouched until a few months ago when I took it out, revised and updated it, and published it.

— F. L. Musante Jr.

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